Advantages We Offer

Distinct Merits

Most energy efficient and
cost effective

Being a non-filter based product with no contribution towards air static or back pressure, unlike filters & therefore has nil impact or increase in HVAC power consumption.

Most sustainable & Cost effective maintenance

There is no filter cleaning & replacement requirement in Adair AHU, which is another major revolutionary change, making it most sustainable (most hassle free & effectively maintainable) product.

Seamless integration with existing HVAC & AHU infrastructure

Adair AHU is easily installable in any pre-existing AHU ducts, literally without even touching the AHU, and nil or negligible modification in AC ducts & hence seamlessly merges or integrates with existing HVAC/AHU infrastructure.

Independence in decision

Even though we welcome the entire industry to join our pursuit & vision for healthy air for all. However, in-spite of being central air-conditioning based solution, there is no need to touch the AHU at all & hence decision making power lies with end consumer, instead of HVAC supplier & maintenance provider.

No harmful byproducts & pollutants
like Ozone

It does not produce any by product pollutant like ozone, unlike Electro-static precipitators, rather brings it considerably down by 60-70% from the preexisting levels along with all other harmful gases & compounds.


Dumping of pollution trapped, infected & carcinogenic filters, is another big hassle which gets resolved up to large extent because of adair AHU.

Ease in monitoring the integrity of the equipment

Since trust worthy live monitoring or frequent air quality monitoring is quite an expensive proposition in itself, the next best way to have constant check on air quality is by keeping constant check over the integrity of all the electronic component, contributing towards improvement in indoor air quality. Hence very importantly, for the first time ever, we have introduced separate yet integrated display panel for any AC duct based environment decontamination system to ensure regular supervision & monitoring of all the electronic components.

Indoor Air Quality Specialsits around the globe are in consensus that IAQ & sick building syndrome is a challenge of all the centrally air-conditioned buildings in all zones & regions, irrespective of the outdoor ambient air & pollution levels. Universally Bio-aerosol & VOCs are a much bigger challenge than PM 2.5 in centrally air-conditioned buildings & a big reason for sick building syndrome. Hence whenever IAQ guidelines & policies are framed for India & implemented, the major emphasis would definitely be on rest of the two kinds of contaminants as well. Which, are being hugely ignored by a huge majority of solution providers in India while riding on the hype created by the media with regards to PM 2.5. Media is not at fault because, media news revolves around outdoor ambient air, which affect open window homes & offices the most and centrally air-conditioned buildings the least. Whereas our broad spectrum solution gives equal emphasis to all kinds of contaminants & hence is best suited for these centrally air-conditioned buildings & substantially brings all the contaminants down.