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Specification of Adair AHU

  • Is able to considerably bring down the total viable count.
  • Simultaneously brings down the VOC's as well as SPM level.
  • Equipped with
    • A set of 4 UVC/UVGI lamps (2537 A wavelength).
    • 2 UVC activated photocatalytic membrane (TiO2).
    • 4 PCI generators.
  • Each system is Sufficient for treating the air volume of upto 5000 CFM.
  • Power consumption < 100 Watts per unit
  • Modular system & installable in single or multiple units depending upon the capacity of AHU.
  • Does not add to the static pressure or create any pressure drop in the existing or proposed AHU.
  • Monitoring panel continuously monitors the integrity of various components & give alerts.
  • Installable in AC duct/plenum mounted systems, the point of air distribution, returning air of depending upon the AHU design.
  • Does not generate any harmful by-product or VOCs like Ozone.
  • Integrated monitoring panel with visual indicator regarding working of UVGI, PCI & total run time.
  • European standard CE certified quality product.
  • Manufactured by WHO GMP/ GPP, ISO 9001-2015, 14001-2015, ISO 13485-2016 certified quality conscious manufacturer.

Adair AHU Module


Specification of Adair Ultra

  • Supplying, installations, testing and commissioning of Commercial Air Purification System having seven stage air purification system including Pre Filter.
  • HEPA Filter
  • Media Filter
  • Photo catalyst
  • Activated Carbon
  • UV lights(2Nos)
  • Ions having 365m3/hr capacity suitable for 220Volt
  • 50Hz AC Supply

Specification of Adair Turbo

  • To be launched Soon - Undergoing lab testings