Technologies Used In


High Density "Plasmacluster lon" Technology

IC Plasma Generator : Adair-AHU is equipped with 4 units of IC (ion cluster) Plasma generators. There are capable of generating millions of positively and negatively charged ions. These ions cling to various pollutants and cluster them into larger particles. These large sized particles are easy to filter out using the normal filters used in AHUs & by accelerating the particulate settlement process. This filter efficiency enhancer brings down the particle acount in ambient air ensuring that the air you breathe is free from small as well as big particles. lons generated by IC Plasma also eliminate VOCs and micro-organisms. Moreover, it is the nearest imitation of natures way of air cleansing as the similar kind of ions are found near beaches & forests.

Germicidal UVC Radiation

Adair AHU is equipped with 4 units of UVC lamps. Packed with best in class UVC dosage, these lamps irradiate the passing air at 254nm wave length to destroy all types of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and mildew. UVC is Known to destroy almost all types of microorganisms.

nPO Generator

Adair-AHU is equipped with 2 units of TiO2 membrane which acts as catalyst for Nano Photo Oxidation (nPO). nPO ions are extremely effective in destruction of VOCs and micro-organisms. Based on latest generation nano TiO2 Photo Oxidation, it converts the water molecules in air to hydroxyl ions. The hydroxyl ion reacts with VOCs and Oxidizes them to harmless form. It also oxidizes the cell membrane or cell wall of micro-organisms thereby making them ineffective. The latest & most advanced generation of coating used for Titanium Dioxide nPO generation is non-depleting & has extremely long life of more than 10 years. Hence the effectiveness remains high & constant throughout its life time.

Monitoring panel

A very unique & novel technological innovation in Adair AHU is the integrated monitoring panel in addition to the inbuilt display on main unit, which constantly checks the integrity of all the electronic components & provides visual indications along with total run time at easy to access & monitor eye level. Since live monitoring of parameters at all times is too expensive, the next best way to constantly ensure the effectiveness is by ensuring that all the electronic components contributing collectively towards improving indoor air quality are performing smoothly & continuously. And in case of any malfunctioning or breakdown, the timely corrective action is taken.